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How to use the Portal

1. How to search property?

Property seeker can search the property in terms of Commercial / residential property followed by your requirements Buy /Rent / Lease and also based on your price, city and area wise.

2. How do I search the property agent wise?

You can search the property agent wise. Just you drag and keep the switch menu left side as shown below and start searching your property agent wise.

3. Is there any option to search property in fast track in terms of sell, rent, and lease?

Yes you can do. Kindly see the below screenshot and click on header menu bar as per your requirement sell / rent / Lease

4. Is there any option to search property in fast track in terms of Cities?

Yes, you can do, but for selected major cities and remaining for all cities you can do by property search option.

5. How do I contact the property owner after searching my property?

Please follow the below steps to contact your property owner. Your search result will be like below image.

a) You click on more details to proceed as shown in below image.

b) Click on property owner contact, if so it will be redirected to next page where you fill up your name, email id and phone no and submit. You will be contacted by property owner. Also you can book an appointment with property owner by clicking Book appointment.

c) After searching the property you can save it and also you can refer it to your friends by sending mail. Kindly see the below image for reference.

6. Are there any other unique options apart from this?

Yes. We have few more unique options for property seekers. You can find out these services in footer of the site.

1. EMI calculator

2. Apply for loan

3. Set Property alert



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